Basic Information about Links

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As the soon-to-be proud owner of a shiny new website, you have a lot of flexibility in how you helped design said site. Subtle differences in how links appear can appeal to vastly different audiences.

Links have four states, depending on your mouse's location relative to it:

  1. Default (no state): when your mouse is off of it and nowhere near it
  2. Visited: if you have recently been to the site linked
  3. Hover: when your mouse is over the link
  4. Active: when you click the link

Generally, that either means you have some decision making to do or well, that we can if you give us some information.

Perhaps an example of many link types will be of assistance. Feel free to play with the following links. This is also not by any means an exhaustive (or aesthetically pleasing) list - it's just to give you some insight into what can be done.