About Empyrean Dragon

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Empyrean Dragon website creation was glued together in 2006 by two diversely talented computer geeks. We are physically located in the Silicon Valley - more specifically, the San Jose area. We're just getting started with our conglomerated freelancing effort, but we've been doing this for as long as most people have had personal computers.

Kirin Long is Empyrean Dragon's design and graphics specialist. Her talents include speed-coding of HTML, lovingly manipulating and creating graphics in Photoshop, using CSS to position any which thing every which place on a webpage, and coding enough JavaScript and PHP to make any template shiny. She has a very distinctive style of web design and a tendency to design pages with a dragon motif, but she's experienced in creating to your tastes as well. Prior to engaging in professional web design, she spent way too much of her time working in the retail world.

James Long is Empyrean Dragon's coding and programming ninja. His talents include cranking out custom applications in just about any language you can throw at him, whether he's familiar with the language or not. He can be described as 90% software engineer and 10% system administrator. His current "day job" is Software Development at Google (Site Reliability). Before that, he spent 2002-2007 as a Software Developer with Amazon.com, and prior to that, interned twice at Microsoft.